What is a Weighted Blanket?

Cheeky Charlie Boho Vibes Weighted Blanket

So you might have seen we have just released our weighted dog blanket. However many of you may be scratching your head at what exactly is a weighted blanket and why do you need one?

What is a weighted blanket?

As obvious as it may sound, a weighted blanket is simply a blanket with weight added to it! The ‘weighted’ part of the blanket is a 100% cotton quilted blanket with internal pockets spreading the weight evenly across the entire blanket.

How do they work?

I’m sure we can all agree there is nothing quite like a reassuring hug or cuddle to make us feel warm and loved. This is the exact purpose of the weighted blanket to replicate that feeling, as well as provide a sense of security, comfort and reassurance.

In more technical terms, research shows weighted blankets use deep touch pressure stimulation that stimulates pressure points on the body which is linked to calming the nervous system. By helping calm the nervous system, weighted blankets help with stress reduction, improved sleep and relaxation.

Why you need one!

If you have a nervous doggo struggling with anxiety or stress the science speaks for itself: a weighted blanket is definitely worth a try. The weighted blanket is also perfect for any doggo that deserves nothing but the best sleep. Many customers have reported their dogs will not sleep anywhere but with or under there Cheeky Charlie weighted blanket!

Benefits of the weighted blanket:

  • Ultra soft, removable cover that is completely machine washable to keep your loungeroom/bedroom smelling fresh
  • Perfect nap companion for your furbaby
  • Deep touch pressure stimulation to soothe the senses

The blanket comes with an ultra soft minky cover (velvet like material) that is 100% machine washable (perfect for long term use or dust reduction!). The cover has six tie points where the inner weighted blanket can be attached. This means there is never any bunching or excess weight in any part of the blanket, ensuring even weight distribution over the whole body.

Shop our latest print the Boho Vibes weighted blanket, free shipping on orders over $100.

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