Dogs of the #WOOFPACK | Khaleesi the Mini-Dachshund

Welcome to our first ever Dogs of the #WOOFPACK feature article. Recently we had the pleasure of meeting the super-sassy miniature dachshund, Khaleesi, at Paws at the Park dog market on the Gold Coast. As you will soon find out, Khaleesi has packed quite a lot into her first year with her family travelling through the United States, United Kingdom & Australia!

Name: Khaleesi 
Breed: Shaded Cream Long-haired Miniature Dachshund
Age: 1 year old 
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California 
Current location: Gold Coast, Australia 
Your hooman’s favourite thing about you: My hoomans love my super sassy personality and taking me on all their adventures
Favourite thing to do: Zooming, cuddles on the couch and destroying tennis balls

Owners Sophie & Seb were living in California in the United States when Khaleesi came into their lives. Khaleesi embarked on a 3-week road trip with her hoomans across the whole West Coast of America from California through the Yosemite National Park, Oregon, Seattle and back down to LA. Don’t let the photos below fool you, we have heard that Khaleesi slept most of the way!

Sounds like quite the adventure hey? Well there is more. Khaleesi then travelled to London and met up with plenty fellow dachshund’s over her two month stay. From London, Khaleesi flew to Melbourne where she had to spend 10 loooooong days in quarantine before one last flight to Sydney, which we are sure was a very exciting reunion with her hoomans! After a short period living in Sydney, Khaleesi and her family have now made their way to cheeky charlie co.’s home city on the Gold Coast, Australia! From all reports, it looks as though she has quickly adjusted to the beach-side lifestyle and I’m sure is loving the warmer weather!

We are amazed by what this sassy sausage has managed to pack into her first year with her family and look forward to keeping up with all future adventures! You can keep up to date with all of Khaleesi’s movements and famous ‘sassy scoots’ on Instagram - @khaleesi.the.dachshund

cheeky charlie co. x

Dogs of the #WOOFPACK | Khaleesi

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