About Us

Cheeky Charlie is a small Australian boutique pet business founded on the Gold Coast, Australia. We specialise in unique products, including our signature dog ramps, that we found hard to find when we were new to the world of welcoming a doggo into our lives.

At Cheeky Charlie we ensure all our products are built and designed to the highest standard, because let's face it, every doggo deserves nothing but the best!

Who is Charlie?

Charlie is our much loved, ever cheeky, miniature dachshund x miniature foxy. Like a lot of dogs, Charlie found her way into our lives at a time when she was most needed and we cannot imagine our lives without her.

Charlie was the genesis for our first ever product, our dog ramp. When settling Charlie into our home, we wanted to decrease the amount of jumping she was doing to reduce the chances of her suffering from IVDD later in life. This proved to be a very hard task at the time as shipping a ramp from the USA seemed to be our only option. Fast forward to today and we have sold hundreds of our ramps all over Australia. THANK YOU for supporting us since day one and turning this passion into something much more.


The Cheeky Charlie team x